The software Enforcer is used by enforcement agencies according to the laws of enforcement in the Republic of Macedonia. The application provides all of the needed functionalities and constraints. It allows you to track and work on cases that arrive in the office.
Main features of the system:

  • Main form
    • Preview of the most recent cases
    • Search cases by ID
    • Search schedules for case by ID
    • Search schedules for given day
    • Authentication and authorization
  • Module for defining bank details
  • Module for defining client details
  • Module for defining currencies
  • Module for previewing currencies
  • Module for defining interest rates
  • Module for defining associates
  • Module for defining prices
  • Module for defining actions
  • Module for defining templates
  • Module for inserting cases
    • Core data
      • Automatic generation of ID and date entry
      • Insertion of creditors and attorneys
        • Editing of creditors and attorneys
    • Insertion of debtors and their bank account details
      • Editing debtors and their bank account details
  • Inserting interest rates for cases
  • Insertion of documents
  • Choosing the type of debt
  • Automatic calculation of administration prices
  • Defining associates that work on the case
  • Creating schedules, comments, and notes
  • Editing the status of the case(Pending, Finished, Recalled, Reactivated)
For more information, please contact us on:
Pho. 1: (+ 389 2) 3109 - 690
Pho. 2: (+ 389 2) 3122 - 814
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