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Open Mind Solutions
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Specialized in building complete software solutions which integrate all parts from your business.


Company profile


Software Development, Training and Consultancy Company.
Computer network design.
Oracle Education Center.
Consultancy and Expertise.



• MAKSTIL-Duferco - Steel producing industry (including Maintenance IS and Manufacturing)
• KESH-Albanian Power Plant and Energy Distribution Company (World Bank and KPMG) • Topilnica “ZLETOVO” – lead and zinc smelting industry (including Maintenance IS and Manufacturing)
• Medicinska plastika- medical industry(GIIS)
• BUCIM – copper and gold production industry
• KIA and Toyota Car Service
• Faculty of Law-Skopje (GIIS)

Financial and Accounting Management Systems (World Bank):
• Ministry of Urban Planning and Construction
• Ministry of Finance-Custom
• Ministry of Finance-Community Development Project
• Ministry of Culture
• Fund for National and Regional Roads of RM

Joint Integrated IS Development:
• Insurance company AD “Makedonija” (QBE).
• Drug and cosmetic factory JAKA80.
• Pension Fund of RM.



Smart Cloud Organizer
OMS cloud software solution in partnership with Makedonski Telekom. Designed with the needs of production companies, car rental companies, marketing agencies, travel agencies and other companies that provide services and resource reservation, Smart Cloud Organizer is a web application that covers every aspect of the operation of these businesses. Quick, simple and easy Organize and automate your work, starting from the customer order until the financial reporting. More information on this link Smart Cloud Organizer.
Lawyer's AdvoSoft software solution is an application designed to cover all aspects of the operation of the law office. The system is developed with modern web technologies that offer user friendly interface and easy to use functionalities. The aim is to facilitate daily operations, increase productivity and make the application basic working tool.
The excellent cooperation between OMS as a legal successor of Grnarov LTD and Makstil DOO Skopje started in 2002 and it extends until this every day. Throughout this period of time, OMS has proven to be a reliable provider of products, services, know-how and maintenance, but also a partner in the process of finding the best possible solutions for the specific needs and requests of Makstil DOO.

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